Morachi Chincholi, Nighoj, Ranjangaon – A small weekend ride around Pune

We 2 men and 2 ladies on 2 bikes – P180 and Kinetic Sym Flyte – did this ride. Ladies were riding Flyte and men were on P180 at 60kmph, to keep Flyte in sight!

We started from Pune at around 7.15. We took the Nagar highway, took second left at Shikrapur, and after asking few villegers, we reached Morachi Chincholi.

Morachi Chincholi means a place having imli trees and peacocks. True to its name, there were many imli trees with ripe imlis (yummm) and many peacocks. It is said there are as many peacocks here as the villege’s population!

After reaching there at 9.15, we had to search the peacocks a bit, as they were in hiding. The villegers told us that in morning, the peacocks come on their doorsteps! But for that, you have to reach at 6-6.30 (so maybe next time).

After chasing peacocks and eating lots of imlis, we headed to Nighoj. This is a natural miracle, of pots. Huge deep pots are formed in the riverbed due to small rocks revolving in circles due to speedy river, thus forming a pot. These are asia’s biggest pots. The villegers call them ‘Kund’ and there is even a temple of Kundmauli here. This is perhaps the best spot to visit in summer. There is not point visiting in rains or winter, because the water level has to be down to see the pots.

The narrow bridge, opposite the pots:

Panorama of Nighoj:

It is best you ask route to villagers, because no matter how detailed I tell, you are bound to get confused!

Ready for leaving Nighoj:

Flyte rider had to unload pillion some times!

After Nighoj, we headed for Ranjangaon Ganpati. There is a patch of 6 kms which is quite bad, and very easy to miss. Luckily a villeger shouted at us when he saw we were heading the wrong way. How he guessed we were headed to Ranjangaon is still a question to me!

Bad roads to Ranjangaon:

Reached Ranjangaon, took darshan and had a good meal (there are no decent hotels in Nighoj/Morachi chincholi, only vada pao and snack joints).

Afterwards, rode to Pune and at home at 6.30pm.  The flyte rider was thrilled, because it was her first long ride. All were exhausted, but very happy that we enjoyed both riding as well as the spots.

We could have added Vadgaon Daryabai temple which was bit away from Nighoj, but the ladies with us were tired. If men only group is doing this trip, then you can add this spot.

Google map of the ride:

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