Lonavla ride-Karla, Lonavla lake, Bhushy dam, Tiger point, Shirgaon PratiShirdi

On saturday, the Navratri ashtami day, me and my two loves, wifey and Vesta, prepared to ride to our Kuladaivat (Goddess of my family) Ekvira Devi temple at Karla, and roam around Lonavala.

Vesta warming up at 6.00am…

The average speed was around 70-80 kmph, hardly going above 90. Sun rose sometime along the route.

Rear view sunrise, running away from the sun…

We reached Karla at around 7.20am. Got the darshan well, and were ready to go ahead by 8.30am.

Leaving Karla…

We had a quick breakfast at Annapurna hotel, Lonavla. Then by takign the amby valley route we passed through Lonavala lake wall, to Bhushy dam.

Lonavala lake wall:

There wasn’t any waterfall at Bhushy dam, as it depends on the releasing of water from the dam. However the water was very clear, we could see the fishes. Also, the surrounding were beautiful and calming, except maybe the sun who was blazing now and then.

Ahead of the Bhushy dam, we went to Tiger point, about 6 kms from the dam. The road is very good, with flowers on both sides. Riding on it was great fun, with all the hairpin bends and twisty roads. Soon we reached Tiger point. The cagers had parked their cars on the side and went there walking. Being a biker, I took vesta inside, and roamed around on bike only 🙂

The beautiful valley

We had planned to go to Valvan dam as well, but after going there, we came to know that it is closed to public, so had to leave from there.

Homebound journey was quite sleep inducing, as the roads are just straight. This was perhaps the first time I rode the bike in sleepy stance, and something that I am certainly not proud of.

Last stop was Shirgaon, where a Saibaba temple same as that of Shirdi is erected. It is also known as Prati Shirdi. I liked it a lot here, even more than Shirdi, as there was hardly any crowd, no restriction on photography, and one could actually just sit and relax. The way Shirdi may have been in the past, the same way it is in Shirgaon today.

Inside the temple

After the khichdi prasad and tea coffee at the temple, it was a fast ride to Pune, and we were back at around 3.00pm.

Journey route was N Main road – Karla – Lonavla – Bhushy dam – Tiger point – Detour to Valvan – Detour to Shirgaon – N main road via swargate. Total running was 200.3 kms.

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