Dried romance – Day 4

Udaipur’s morning started late, with the hotel’s late breakfast service not helping to speed the matters up. The roof top hotel is setup good, with tasty food. But the service time needs to be bit fast.

We had a lake view room, which we got in normal room’s price. I was surprised at previous night to get such lake view room, but realized the reason in morning. The lake in front of our window had dried up, and young kids were playing cricket in that place! So much for the most romantic city of lakes!

View from room

The area under the bridge is supposed to be lake!

We were out on the streets by 11.00 a.m. A foreigner lady spotted me wearing a long kurta – Nandinee’s choice of course, based on the matching color of here dress. She spoke with Nandinee:

“Very Nice dress! This is a proper Indian dress. Now a days no one wears such clothes, all wear Jeans and T-shirts only!”

Seeing the proud reaction on Nandinee’s face, I realized my dress code for the rest of the trip.

We headed to Shilpigram, a village by Rajasthan Govt. to display and sell local handicrafts. Nandinee was all excited for shopping, and I was counting the balance in my wallet. But incidentally, India chose to start democracy on this very day some 59 years ago, so Shilpigram was closed! Successfully displaying my inner happiness as external sadness, I suggested ‘Badi Ka Talab’, a lake situated around 5-6kms from there.

Badi Ka Talab turned out to be a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy. Not commercialized like other spots, we saw many local families having their tiffin lunch here and enjoying on the grass. We had a very nice time here.

Later we visited Saheliyon Ki Bari, a place built for the women and their maid servants to chill back. It’s maintained well and is continuously being upgraded or expanded.

Got into a shop which sells mattresses made out of some wolf wool, with 10 years warranty. Also silverware with 15% zinc with 3 years warranty. After lightening my pocket considerably, we finally returned to city. The lunch at 4 was at Savage Garden Hotel. Bit costly, with an arrabiata pasta costing 250 bucks, but was good in taste and ambiance.

We had to repair the saddle bag, because somehow it touched the silencer and burnt a nice hole in the bottom. Luckily the clothes were intact.

By the time we finished repairing the bag and shopping, it was already 7.00 p.m., so the city palace was closed. Some light and music show was going on, but didn’t go there.

We visited the Jagdish temple, very near to City Palace. It’s very old and beautifully carved.

Called it a night early, because tomorrow we would ride to Jodhpur, and later on to Jaisalmer. So two days of continuous ride were upon us. However, we were bit sad that we couldn’t come back in time to see the City palace and now we would never be able to see it anytime soon in life.

But Upparwala had something different in his mind.

…to be continued.

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