Got the luggage back into home, opened all the windows to let fresh air in, and quickly checked Vesta for any possible damage. I smelled a strong burning smell, which I feared was due to lack of oil. But it turned out the plastic thread used for tying the gunny bags was sticking with the engine, so when the engine turned hot, it burned.

With all things now back in place, and life all set to roll back on routine, we finally sat together in silence, having hot smoking cups of tea between us. Nobody felt the need to say any words, or start any conversation. In the 1851 kms of riding, the conversations no longer needed to only verbal.

Finally Nandinee broke the silence.

“It was fun, isn’t it?
“We should do this again sometime.”
“So where should we head the next time?”
“Hmm. How about Leh?”

————————————————————-The End————————————————————-

5 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. Dear Aniruddha,

    ur Rajasthan ride is very adventures its gave u a lots of fun. i like it. & the way u explained it really excellent, i thought that, ki me ghari basun Rajasthan Ride keli!!! Its really very good.
    Keep it up & wish Both of u Best of Luck for ur next destination.

    God Bless You.
    Aryahee, Amruta & Aditya.

  2. Hi,

    Great Trip.
    I also Enjoyed it in blog.
    Thanks for writing it.
    Can we see ppt on it in Offsite. if possible!!!!.

    I also want to go, mera number kab aayga.

  3. Good account of your memoirs Aniruddhha, great pics, good description, wonder where did you get this much time to write the whole thing…….?
    Even though I am a Rajasthani (after being an INDIAN first), it refreshed my memories of my state….I know you might have had some different experience when it comes to PEOPLE as you have critically accumulated in your blogs, but I hope it didn’t alter the emotion of the song which goes on famously for Rajasthan as ‘Kesariya Balam, Padhaaro Mhare Des……………..’

  4. Hey Hoodiiiibaba….

    Pal, I must admit. You retain your share of wit if not increased it notches. Your blog is quite a testimonial to the fact.
    It has been a while since we have met or spoke, yet, I feel connected with you. Probably the connection that you were most and first interesting person I met since Ruparel days.
    I think your narrative about Rajasthan is a experience in itself. Award for your blog was inevitable. Vesta as I hear is powerful entity and the way you treat her, she is bound to surprise you with goodies.
    I can go pages typing, but logical assumption at 12:44AM suggests that I pull my sheets and place my bums and head on the mattress and shut my eyes for next 8 hours.
    So take care… Give my regards to Nandinee and namaskar to your Mom and your Guruji (I still recollect him, his garden and our trip….)

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