No place like home – Day 12

The train reached Pune unexpectedly at dot time, 5.00 a.m. Guess the 1 hour wait at Ahmadabad was planned after all!

I was prepared for some cheating and bribing at Pune, because of previous experiences of friends. The bike luckily was in good shape, without any visible damage or anything. I pushed the 150kg horse all the way on the platform to go to the parcel office. The person at the office released the bike really quick, surprising even himself I think!

When I started getting the bike outside, a watchman stopped me. As expected, he started to check the bike for petrol. When I showed the petrol pipe from below pulled out for removing petrol, poor fellow’s face was sunk. He started telling stories, sitting here from 7 p.m. yesterday, this and that, now pls give some money! Gave 20 bucks to him, and got out. Again poured the petrol I was carrying back into Vesta, and brought herself to life.

Nandinee was waiting outside station with the luggage. When I reached there, some rickshawalas started asking us to take the ride.

“How will you take this entire luggage on motorcycle? You will need a rickshaw!”

But after seeing each and everything getting nicely put back and tied on the bike, the awe on their faces was very much visible.

We reached home at 6.15 a.m., which was quite early than what I had anticipated. When I pulled the bike into the parking, our landlord woke up; completely surprised to see us after 15 days all geared up this early hour.

“Had a good trip?”
“Well, yes, you can say that again!”

… to be continued.

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