Rajasthan Chronicles

The Rajasthan trip log is spread over many pages, and it was about time that all links were logically presented on one page. So, here it is, the sequential log, the way it is supposed to be read!

I and Nandinee did a Rajasthan tour on motorcycle from 23 Jan to 2 Feb 2010. This 10-day 1850 kilometers ride not only saw us making new records in terms of high speed and maximum distance covered in one day, but also bonded us with each other as well as with all persons whom we came across in this trip.

This was a great experience for me, and lest I forget, I have posted the memoirs on this blog. You can read the posts on the following addresses:

Prologue – Planning, preparation and surprises
First train ride – Day 0
City of circles – Day 1
The pink city – Day 2
Forth rode Vesta – Day 3
Dried romance – Day 4
Marching in darkness – Day 5
Inviting roads – Day 6
The golden city – Day 7
So close, yet so far – Day 8
Attending unfinished business – Day 9
Lotus fort – Day 10
Return to base – Day 11
No place like home – Day 12

This is a lot of reading, so you can read it in your free time. I would appreciate your replies and comments on the above.

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