Back to the lands – Day 13

Today we would return to the flat lands, to hot weather. For about past 7 days, we were roaming around in the hills enjoying the coolness. We were near the end of our trip, and these days were not too crowded. When we modified the itinerary for visiting Kollam and dropped Athirapally, we rescheduled our later days, which enabled us to have two days each at Periyar, Kodaikanal and Munnar. Two days of visit seemed perfect to these spots. This also gave us one extra day, which we decided to spend on Kalady – Adi Shankaracharya’s birth place, and Kodanad, where elephants are trained for safari.

Climbing down from Munnar

Jackfruit transport

After breakfast, we rolled ahead for Kalady. There was hardly any tea estate on this side of Munnar, though many waterfalls fall on this route only. As whole road was a downward slope, we rolled down happily chatting loudly against the wind. Halted mid way for lunch, and reached Kalady very leisurely at 3.00 P.M. I did not have any huge expectations of hotels on this route, because this is not exactly a tourist’s route. The regular tourists run past Kodanad and Kalady towns, never needing to stay.

The search for hotels in Kalady was fruitless. We just couldn’t find any good hotels at all. The temple’s accommodation building was empty, and so was given a slip. We consulted the map, and rolled to the next town – Angamaly – about 6 kilometers ahead. There is absolutely nothing to see in Angamaly, and the town is not bothered about tourists too. But here, we got a good room in Noor Lodge. The name is dicey, and lesser said about the service the better. But the rooms and whole hotel was clean, and we had good parking for Vesta.

This day has the smallest trip log of our tour, including the train travel ones! This is because after seeing the majestic Munnar and bathing in the beauty of hills, the rest sights don’t appeal to you that much. We did some shopping in evening, and fount that this town too housed some small shops for nice brass items at good rates. Bought hanging dipam here.

We returned early to room in hope to get enough sleep, for tomorrow we would wake up early to visit the famous ‘elephant bathing’ at Kodanad.

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