Long weekend ride to Konkan – Day 1

Thanks to Gandhijee, we had a long weekend last week. So planned a tour with wifey and Vesta (my Orange GS150), and rolled on at 2nd Oct 09. Total ride of the trip was 605kms on Sunday at 9pm, when we reached home back. The ride consisted of good roads, bad roads, imaginary roads and what not. Rains regularly washed us in the evenings, and many times we had to ride for quite a few kms just to find out whether we were on right track or not!

Day 1: 2nd Oct 09.

The plan was to reach Harihareshwar mathh in evening, visiting Khed Shivapur, Bhatghar Dam and Shivtar ghal on way. We left at 8.45, bit late because we didn’t want us to be first visitors to the Darga at Khed Shivapur. This darga is famous for its stone, which is impossible to lift by single person, but 11 people with just their one figer touched to the rock can easily lift it. That’s why we left late.

We took the Katraj ghat route while going. This ghat is very scenic, with flowers all around. I spotted some lodges just at the enterance of the ghaat. Still wonder who will go to stay there, except maybe goondas n lover couples!

We were soon riding on the golden quadrilateral. After around 50 kms riding, I started getting hungry, and curious where Khed Shivapur was, as it was supposed to be at around 22 kms only. Had breakfast at Amruta garden hotel, just earlier to Bhor turn. There we realized we have come far, and missed Khed Shivapur behind! Damn!

We continued to Bhor, took a small U turn for Bhatghar dam. But could view it only from far. We were not permitted on the wall 😦

The Bhor ghat is an absolute beauty. Never have I enjoyed so much riding on ghaats. This may surpass the beauty of even Mahabaleshwar poladpur ghaat (tamhini ghaat doesn’t even come close to this).

Whole road is scenic. the road is passed through 5 hills, and the 3 middle ones are used only for connection, with no village on them! Overall a good experience.

After crossing the ghaat, we saw the sign welcoming us to Shivthar ghar to the right. The road started to get bad. Few mins ahead, got to a fork, one going to ‘Sunebhau’ and other to ‘Shivthar Ghal’. That road to Shivthar ghal is recommended only if you are damn sure about your and your bike’s health. Steep decline, with only stones as roads, made me start wondering whether I am on right way or not, as I clearly remembered there was some good way to the ghal. After about 2-4 kms of such decline, we finally joined the road which went to Shivthar!

One thing to keep in mind for travellers, don’t take the first right where it is written ‘Welcome to Shivtharghal’ etc, when the ghat just ends and bad roads start. Don’t even think of taking that road. Ride bit ahead, you will get a proper right turn with good roads for going there. KMs may increase, but the road condition is not worth saving those few kms.

At Shivthar Ghal

The waterfall was small now. The idols of Ramadas Swami and Kalyan

Had lunch ‘zunka bhakri’ at the hotel in front of the gate. Saw rain clouds gathering at Konkan, so geared up, and started riding towards the mathh at 4.15.

Soon the rains catched us. Unfortunately, I forgot my jacket waterproof liner at home, so I was wet to the bones. It was scary riding at speed in the falling rain, but I had decided to reach before sundown. After some spirited riding for continuous 2 hours, we finally reached mathh, and after just 5 mins, the rains started falling in full glory, thoroughly scaring the pants off everyone.

The day ended at mathh, where we were stationed for a religious function. Tomorrow we were to leave for Kelshi, and seeing the places enroute, stay at Dapoli. But that was not to happen…..

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