Glimpses of Maharashtra in Seven Steps

From 3rd to 9th June 2011, I did a thousand kilometers solo ride  on motorcycle for seven days, to see the glimpses of Maharashtra. This ride was part of a competition – Wrangler True Wanderers.

The blog can be read here:


Day 1 – Taking the first leap towards exploring

Day 2 Part I – Hidden beauty in plain sight

Day 2 Part II – The impossible friendship

Day 3 – King of the forts, fort of the kings

Day 4 – The Man-made God

Day 5 – Exploring the forgotten past

Day 6 – To the last color in rainbow

Day 7 – Homeward bound

Thirty five years later


Trailer of the blog:

Don’t miss the soundtrack!

Also, wrote a few articles in hope of helping fellow travellers and riders. They can be read at:

Safety at what cost? Part I

Safety at what cost? Part II

Planning a tour

Essentials of touring – bachelors and couples

Techniques of riding

Reviews and comments appreciated.

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